​​​​​"Lest We Forget"

Flanders Field

Guy H Bullock Elementary school in Garland, TX Scaled down to accommodate space.

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Kansas City, Mo...Only WWI Museum in America where the inspiration for the Mobile Museum came from

Museum team sharing in 2015 Carry the Load...Dallas, Tx

The Stayton at Museum Way Fort Worth, TX  What an amazing day, hundreds came through sharing stories and memories.

The WWI Museum at The Remington at Valley Ranch in Irving TX was one of our more  moving events. The stories shared by our Veterans that day brought the memories to life making it very real even 70 years later. The day concluded with a patriotic program paying tribute to the "Pledge of Allegiance" and "The Star Spangled Banner"

An absolutely amazing showing in Cleburne TX. The local High school even bussed Students in for the event. The students listened so intently as the Veterans of WWII were inspired by the Artifacts to tell their own stories of war causing a  deep  conversation  between the two generations.

Commercial for the Museum at The Stayton

What a great showing at Colleyvine Ranch in Grapevine, TX. Followed by a great program with cupcakes decorated with WWI Tank Chocolates

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